In the Ultrafabrics universe, the spirit of pioneering rules. With five decades of polyurethane craftsmanship behind us, we continue to reshape the world of animal-free performance fabrics - one surface at a time.

We create materials that suit life. We innovate and evolve in sync with the needs of our customers to deliver unmatched surface experiences across industries: premium, sustainable and intelligent fabrics that speak to—and elevate—the senses.


To redefine high-performance polyurethane fabrics
through elevated sensorial experiences.


Rooted in 25 years of professional partnership, founders Clay Rosenberg and Danielle Boecker-Primack are deeply passionate about Ultrafabrics and the endless possibilities they offer.

With an unwavering dedication to innovation, vast expertise, and an easy-going nature they have built a company culture that serves as the soul and backbone of Ultrafabrics. Always creating, improving, and driven to deliver superior performance fabrics partnered with personalized attention to every customer.

With operations on 3 three continents, Ultrafabrics is the company it is today because of the unparalleled drive, ethic, and spirit of cross-cultural collaboration that every team member brings to their craft, every single day. The shared goal is simple: The esteem of our peers and customers. We meet this ambition with the determination to do every job flawlessly, every time.



Our engineering and craftsmanship is constantly honed, evolving with the emergence of new technologies. We are not watching the horizon - we are on it.


We are relentless in the pursuit of perfection. From new innovations to custom creations, we hold every initiative to a standard beyond expectations.


Made for humans, by humans, we are ethical, sustainable and future-focused, with planet and people in mind.


What we create is possibility. We deliver evolving platforms for expressing imagination and creativity, and provide solutions that inspire creators to dream bigger.


Hands-on and passionate, we strive to always deliver a distinguished experience. From our fabrics to our people, we aim to always stand out.


Nothing beats Ultraleather for fabric performance, look, and feel. I highly recommend it to all my customers.

Laura Shackleford, Design Tiffany Yachts, Inc.

“I love the bright, environmentally friendly products you offer - I'm hoping they're easy to apply to custom booths in my restaurant remodel.“

Laura Freeman, Designer Merits Interiors

“We have been using the Brisa and other products for 6 years now. The fabrics in our yachts get the most comments from our customers and those viewing the boat, about how comfortable and authentic it looks and feels. We use this product exclusively. Thanks!”

Roger Brooks CEO/President Brooks Boatworks Inc.

“Everyone loves the feel of Ultrafabrics on our seating products.”

Greg Oseland, District Manager OFS

“Ultrafabrics offers the highest quality and widest choice as more and more clients ask for non-leather options.”

George Cuttingham, President Cuttingham Design



Ultraleather® | Original: Ten on-trend colors, from gentle mauves to lively green hues, are introduced to the extensive offering. Ultratech™ | Cove: Three new organic and understated shades complement the distinctively saturated color range.Ultratech™ | Dwell: Five fresh colors are added, including a lush green, a denim blue and neutral shades of white and brown.

All collections are GREENGUARD Gold certified and meet the Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemical Challenge, V2.0.


As part of a long-term CSR goal to reduce environmental impact, Ultrafabrics recently partnered with Fabscrap, a non-profit, public charity whose focus is the repurposing and recycling of fabrics. FABSCRAP diverts materials from landfills by collecting discontinued materials and scraps from manufacturers and providing them to design school students and teachers, artists, craftspeople for their project needs.

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Ultrafabrics Color of the Month is Ultratech™ | Wired Rio. A crisp, grassy hue that illustrates the freshness of the outdoors, the interwoven two-toned layering of color will energize a variety of settings. Pair Rio with neutrals or deeper shades of green to create harmonious, traditional looks. Or, partnering with metallics imbues a modern yet elegant flair.


We are excited to announce the launch of Ultratech™ | Wired, a new collection created for its superior hand and matte finish, with a grain inspired by technology.

At a time in which people are hyper-connected to the world and others around them via technologies, it is essential to also connect with their personal selves, their well-being and surroundings. Taking note of the present and living in the moment through sensorial experiences, Wired expresses how touch and color together speak to human interactions and emotional connections with the physical world.

Part of the Ultratech brand, Wired has a unique tactile feel that appeals to the haptic sense; a gentle layering of color (in 12 different hues) provides depth of design; and parallel and perpendicular lines create a sense of technological movement.

Ultratech | Wired is GREENGUARD Gold certified and meets the Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemicals Challenge, V2.0.


Ultraleather® Original and Pearlized

Ultratech™ Cove, Dwell, Eco Tech, and Helix

These products avoid the use of antimicrobials, formaldehyde, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), per- and polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs), and flame retardant chemicals.

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