In the Ultrafabrics universe, the spirit of pioneering rules. With five decades of polyurethane craftsmanship behind us, we continue to reshape the world of animal-free performance fabrics - one surface at a time.

We create materials that suit life. We innovate and evolve in sync with the needs of our customers to deliver unmatched surface experiences across industries: premium, sustainable and intelligent fabrics that speak to—and elevate—the senses.


To redefine high-performance polyurethane fabrics
through elevated sensorial experiences.


Rooted in 25 years of professional partnership, founders Clay Rosenberg and Danielle Boecker-Primack are deeply passionate about Ultrafabrics and the endless possibilities they offer.

With an unwavering dedication to innovation, vast expertise, and an easy-going nature they have built a company culture that serves as the soul and backbone of Ultrafabrics. Always creating, improving, and driven to deliver superior performance fabrics partnered with personalized attention to every customer.

With operations on 3 three continents, Ultrafabrics is the company it is today because of the unparalleled drive, ethic, and spirit of cross-cultural collaboration that every team member brings to their craft, every single day. The shared goal is simple: The esteem of our peers and customers. We meet this ambition with the determination to do every job flawlessly, every time.



Our engineering and craftsmanship is constantly honed, evolving with the emergence of new technologies. We are not watching the horizon - we are on it.


We are relentless in the pursuit of perfection. From new innovations to custom creations, we hold every initiative to a standard beyond expectations.


Made for humans, by humans, we are ethical, sustainable and future-focused, with planet and people in mind.


What we create is possibility. We deliver evolving platforms for expressing imagination and creativity, and provide solutions that inspire creators to dream bigger.


Hands-on and passionate, we strive to always deliver a distinguished experience. From our fabrics to our people, we aim to always stand out.


Nothing beats Ultraleather for fabric performance, look, and feel. I highly recommend it to all my customers.

Laura Shackleford, Design Tiffany Yachts, Inc.

“I love the bright, environmentally friendly products you offer - I'm hoping they're easy to apply to custom booths in my restaurant remodel.“

Laura Freeman, Designer Merits Interiors

“We have been using the Brisa and other products for 6 years now. The fabrics in our yachts get the most comments from our customers and those viewing the boat, about how comfortable and authentic it looks and feels. We use this product exclusively. Thanks!”

Roger Brooks CEO/President Brooks Boatworks Inc.

“Everyone loves the feel of Ultrafabrics on our seating products.”

Greg Oseland, District Manager OFS

“Ultrafabrics offers the highest quality and widest choice as more and more clients ask for non-leather options.”

George Cuttingham, President Cuttingham Design



Teal can create stability by calming one’s emotions, while also providing an uplifting and revitalizing energy. Combine with yellow, red, or metallic finishes to create a unique space. Or, pair with white for a modern, yet timeless design.


We were so delighted to host Central St. Martin's Julia King & Conor Morris in our brand new Clerkenwell showroom as part of the Blueprint Magazines “Blueprint for the Future” series. Their speaking opportunities were inspiring and evolutionary which is just the type of company we like to keep! Thank you to everyone who came through the showroom this week as part of this joint venture supporting our design leaders of tomorrow.


On 17-19 July, Ultrafabrics will welcome students graduating from Central Saint Martins to exhibit their work in our new Clerkenwell Showroom. The March Spatial Practices students have been handpicked by Blueprint Magazine to exhibit as part of Blueprint for The Future, a showcase of the brightest, most interesting and challenging Architectural students from across London.

Nine of the capital’s best architecture schools have paired with nine international design brands, resulting in a ‘trail’ of exhibitions held over three days in showrooms across Clerkenwell, London’s beating heart of design.

As part of Blueprint for the Future, Ultrafabrics will host “Rethinking Pedagogy: Live Projects in Architecture School” three short talks by Spatial Practices at Central Saint Martins. 

Conor Morris – is an architecture graduate currently building his thesis project in Barking and Dagenham.

Verity Keefe is a visual artist, working predominantly within the public realm, using moving image, text and installation to explore the complex relationships between people and place. 

Julia King - is a Venezuelan-British architect and urban researcher at LSE Cities. She has won numerous awards SEED Award for Excellence in Public Interest Design 2014 and Emerging Woman Architect of the Year 2014.

Join us @ 5.30pm Wednesday 18 July.





Ultratech™ | Dwell Veil is a soft white that illustrates peace and simplicity. The shade compliments virtually every color and design style. Pair it with similar shades of white to create a timeless monochromatic scheme, or add a pop of silver to create as leek vibe for a unique twist.


Ultrafabrics is a progressive brand based on a hybrid of American and Japanese expertise. The performance fabrics combine master-craftsmanship with pioneering technology to offer transformative tactile experiences for consumers across a broad spectrum of industries.

The vision behind Ultrafabrics’ first international showroom was developed by Danish interior design powerhouse, OEO in collaboration with creative strategist Teke Busk. The concept was to create an inspirational destination that pushes the boundaries of how fabrics are showcased and used, creating a bold, dynamic and unique spatial experience with a strong narrative that appeals to the human senses.


The Quiet Power of Nature

The design draws on perceptions of nature with an abstract Japan-inspired twist, which reflected the brand’s heritage and is brought to life in the subtle details of the high-quality craftsmanship, delivered by UK/Tokyo based construction company, EDO. The zoning of the showroom ambiances has been carefully worked out to offer a journey, inspired by the elements of nature: water, fire, earth and air.

“We wanted to go beyond a traditional showroom format to deliver an engaging brand experience that speaks to and elevates the senses, while showcasing the creative potential of the fabric.” – Clay Rosenberg CEO, Ultrafabrics

Designed to inspire, communicate and stoke curiosity, the bespoke elements include tactile art installations masterfully twisted into organic and poetic shapes as well as highly functional pieces that borrow inspiration from Japan. The choice of materials throughout the showroom ranges from crafted ash wood to aluminum, two materials that combine beautifully with the fabrics.

“OEO specializes in a design style rooted in a Japan-meets-West combination of craftsmanship, quality, style, functionality and attention to detail, which perfectly fits with the brand.’ says Creative Strategist Teke Busk, ’not to mention the fact that OeO works with long-lasting materials and high-quality components, which support Ultrafabrics’ focus on sustainability.’

The vision of the Ultrafabrics company is for the showroom to serve as a stimulating and inspiring collaboration space for clients and a creative hub for the design community from the UK, Europe and beyond. Ultrafabrics is excited and proud to open the doors to the first showroom and with it — a whole new world of intelligent fabrics.