At Ultrafabrics we create materials suited for life. We innovate in sync with emerging customer needs to create versatile solutions for any surface, and for a multitude of industries. Every fabric coming out of our mill is a premium, sustainable and intelligent product that speaks to—and elevates—the senses.

We are deeply passionate about the endless possibilities represented by Ultrafabrics materials. We are equally as passionate about partnering with our clients to explore and answer to new opportunities as they arise. We are dedicated to innovation and sustainability and are always improving to continuously deliver superior performance fabrics.

With over five decades of expertise in our DNA, and with operations on 3 three continents, what we are today is because of the unparalleled drive, ethic, and spirit of cross-cultural collaboration that every team member brings to their craft, each day.



Rooted in 25 years of professional partnership, founders Clay Rosenberg and Danielle Boecker-Primack are deeply passionate about Ultrafabrics and the endless possibilities they offer.

With an unwavering dedication to innovation, vast expertise, and an easy-going nature they have built a company culture that serves as the soul and backbone of Ultrafabrics. Always creating, improving, and driven to deliver superior performance fabrics partnered with personalized attention to every customer.

With operations on 3 three continents, Ultrafabrics is the company it is today because of the unparalleled drive, ethic, and spirit of cross-cultural collaboration that every team member brings to their craft, every single day. The shared goal is simple: The esteem of our peers and customers. We meet this ambition with the determination to do every job flawlessly, every time.



Our engineering and craftsmanship is constantly honed, evolving with the emergence of new technologies. We are not watching the horizon - we are on it.


We are relentless in the pursuit of perfection. From new innovations to custom creations, we hold every initiative to a standard beyond expectations.


Made for humans, by humans, we are ethical, sustainable and future-focused, with planet and people in mind.


What we create is possibility. We deliver evolving platforms for expressing imagination and creativity, and provide solutions that inspire creators to dream bigger.


Hands-on and passionate, we strive to always deliver a distinguished experience. From our fabrics to our people, we aim to always stand out.


Our product is a cornerstone of tomorrow’s luxury: conscientious comfort delivered by a material unlike any other.


Nothing beats Ultraleather for fabric performance, look, and feel. I highly recommend it to all my customers.

Laura Shackleford, Design Tiffany Yachts, Inc.

“I love the bright, environmentally friendly products you offer - I'm hoping they're easy to apply to custom booths in my restaurant remodel.“

Laura Freeman, Designer Merits Interiors

“We have been using the Brisa and other products for 6 years now. The fabrics in our yachts get the most comments from our customers and those viewing the boat, about how comfortable and authentic it looks and feels. We use this product exclusively. Thanks!”

Roger Brooks CEO/President Brooks Boatworks Inc.

“Everyone loves the feel of Ultrafabrics on our seating products.”

Greg Oseland, District Manager OFS

“Ultrafabrics offers the highest quality and widest choice as more and more clients ask for non-leather options.”

George Cuttingham, President Cuttingham Design



Ultraleather® | Volar Bio has received the Innovation honor in the 2020 PETA UK Vegan Homeware awards. As our first bio-based collection, Volar Bio reduces dependency on finite resources by incorporating corn-based resins and wood pulp materials within the proprietary construction. Created with both functionality and sustainability in mind, this collection can be used in variety of applications and touts a 29% BioPreferred Program Label. PETA's annual Vegan Homeware Awards recognizes the top designs and innovations for a stylish, cruelty-free home.

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As COVID-19 increasingly impacts all of our day-to-day lives, repeated cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces is recommended by the CDC as a way to avoid exposure.

Cleaners and disinfectants recommended by the CDC to combat COVID-19 have also been tested on Ultrafabrics materials with no adverse effects when cleaning guidelines are followed as directed:

Detergent or Soap and Water (prior to disinfection)
1:5 Bleach/Water Solution
Alcohol-Based Cleaners (at least 70% alcohol)
Quaternary-Based Disinfectants
Hydrogen-Peroxide Based Cleaners

For a complete list of our recommended cleaners and disinfectants please visit Cleaning and Care. 

As always, when using any disinfectant, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, not saturate the surface of our fabric, and remove all residue with a clean, damp cloth so the surface of our fabric will not be damaged.

For additional information on COVID-19, please visit

The safety and well-being of our customers are very important to us. We urge all to take precautions to remain healthy and inhibit the spread of the virus.
Ultrafabrics Quality Team


From our mill in Japan, to our warehouse in New York, the safety and well-being of our teams is our top priority. Where feasible, everyone at Ultrafabrics is working remotely to maintain customer connections. Operationally our service teams will be available to manage all memo requests, so do not hesitate to contact us.

We are pleased to say, we have had no interruptions to our supply chain for raw materials or finished goods, and we have sufficient inventory to meet the demand, in both the US and UK, for all customer needs. Additionally, there has been no interruption to our logistics, and we will continue to meet your needs as we have always aimed to do.

From this disruption, we will emerge together, and more than likely be able to incorporate the creative strategies that got us through these uncertain times into our evolved working lives. The entire team at Ultrafabrics are here to support you during this unprecedented time. All of us are accessible to help manage any disruption through innovative solutions, and to help you solve any problems you may encounter. 

We look forward to working together as a community and an industry to navigate this quickly evolving situation.

Your Ultrafabrics Family


Our newest collection, Ultraleather® | Reef Pro is inspired by the natural beauty of sea coral. Featuring a matte finish, the collection combines powerful performance with a sophisticated sensorial experience. Suitable for a variety of high-traffic markets, it is Indoor Advantage Gold Certified and can be easily maintained with a variety of cleaners or disinfectants.

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Ultrafabrics Inc. is excited to announce and welcome Sergio Prosperino to their Sales team as its new Vice President of Sales for the Furniture Market. Sergio will be responsible for the leadership of the furniture sales team, maintaining and nurturing existing relationships and identifying new business opportunities in the marketplace. Sergio joins the sales team from FitFlop, a leading women’s footwear brand where he was responsible for leading the sales effort in North America. Prior to FitFlop, Sergio was Senior Vice President for men’s and women’s footwear at Cole Haan. His tenure in the fashion space began with where over a period of twelve years, he held roles of increasing responsibility encompassing Wholesale Sales, Retail Operations and Finance.