Atago for Rail

Inherently fire retardant, Atago combines high performance functionality with luxurious haptics and unrivaled comfort.

Incorporating a revolutionary technology, Atago features a fire-retardant backcloth within its unique structure, enabling it to meet the most stringent European rail flammability requirements whilst resulting in fewer components for seating systems.


For more information on Atago for rail, click here to contact European Sales Director, Richard Field

  • Protection That Lasts

    Utilising an inherent, bonded process, fire resistance is integral to Atago’s structure. It can be cleaned countless times with the confidence that the fire resistance will not degrade.

    Manufactured using Ultrafabrics' proprietary technology,  Takumi Technology, Atago incorporates high resistance against abrasion, flexing and hydrolysis whilst retaining a luxurious touch.

    Atago is engineered with an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent which has been constructed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other surface pathogens.

  • Lightweight & Durable
    Increased passenger expectations for digital connectivity, a comfortable experience and a reduced impact on the environment has the rail industry seeking new ways to reduce weight.

    Lighter than leather and most rail seating fabrics, Atago exceeds the demands of a new era in rail travel.

    Enabling a new way of thinking for rail seat design, with less components, lighter weight, reduced production time and reduced costs, Atago for rail is the ultimate solution.
  • More on Atago

    Atago is named after the Atago Shrine in Tokyo, Japan which was built to protect the residents from fire. 

    Meets EN 45545-2 Category HL3 (when tested with an approved graphite foam). Seat assemblies must be tested to verify fire performance.

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