June 13, 2022
White: A Fresh Start & Balancing Force
Hush, a collection of Ultrafabrics’ most brilliant white shades, celebrates our interpretation of the color white. The hue’s subtle incandescence is quiet; its beauty speaks for itself. From bright and crisp to warm and creamy, white signals a majestic beauty: the silence of a fresh snowfall, the peace of a white dove. Its stillness serves as a balancing force, conjuring an elegant tranquility in any space.

With the time for quiet reflection the COVID pandemic has brought, white’s serenity has made it the perfect color for any environment. It represents a blank slate, focusing the mind and centering the body. It invites us to wind down, and at the same time, wake up. White, in its innocence and simplicity, epitomizes the fresh start so many of us have been craving.
White partners effortlessly with any color. The shade itself is achromatic (having no hue), shifting to tell different stories depending upon its surrounding tones. Ultrafabrics’ White, a bright, luminescent white, is stunningly versatile in regard to the moods it can evoke.

With other shades of white, such as creamy Coconut and foggy Steam, White creates a harmonious freshness; this monochromatic palette captures the still beauty of white.


White, when partnered with the soft beige of Milkshake and the organic brown of Dusty Earth, provides an inviting warmth. It fosters a sense of connection to the human soul and spirit.
Combining White with pastels like Blush, Citrus, and Blue Bird creates a dreamy color palette. Childhood memories of cotton candy and sunny skies float romantically to mind, as the carefree nature of these colors cheer any space.
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