February 01, 2022

Chino: A Beige Shade That's Anything But Boring

This month, we shine a spotlight on Chino. This warm, nature-inspired shade is a cross between beige and green, with a neutrality that’s soothing on the eye.

Chino’s story first began in 1848, when British lieutenant-general Sir Harry Lumsden was stationed in India. At the time, the British military uniform was white, a hue that stood out sharply against the terrain. To solve this problem, Lumsden created a camouflage dye made from a mixture of coffee, curry, and mulberries. The color was named “khaki,” the Hindu word for dust. 

By World War II, chinos (flat-front pants sporting this khaki dye) were standard issue for American troops. Chinos only grew in popularity after the war when returning soldiers wore them around college campuses. Chinos are sometimes considered a more formal version of khaki pants, though their hues are interchangeable.


Over the past few years, we’ve seen warm, neutral shades rocket in popularity. Evoking comfort and ease, Chino’s influence can be found in the worlds of fashion, automotive, and home interior alike. This versatility is why we have a Chino of our own within our Ultraleather Pro collection. The color’s chameleon-like personality opens endless possibilities in any market.


Transforming with whichever color it’s paired with, Chino epitomizes “go with the flow.”

Chino’s pairing with earthen tones, like Pearlized Mica (left) and Geom Penny (right), evoke nature, conjuring a fallen piece of bark one might find on a walk in the woods.
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