May 21, 2024
A Vibrant Rebound in Global Art

This month’s Color Perspective is inspired by the vibrancy of the global art world, which is currently bursting with life as it rebounds from COVID-19.


Two world-renowned art shows, ZONAMACO and Art Basel Miami, recently had one prominent theme in common: bold, optimistic color. That’s why the color palette we’ve put together is as joyous as it is bright.


Montage Vivid Punch, when combined with Ultraleather Pro Melon, Lino Bosporous, Lino Granny Smith, and Ultraleather Citrus, creates a feast for the eyes. Vivid shades of pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow come together in a tapestry of rich color.

Photo Credit: Alejandro Piñeiro Bello, ‘En El Arco del Caribe’, 2023. Courtesy: KDR; photograph: Zachary Barber

ZONAMACO is an annual celebration of Latin artistry.


Held in Mexico City, the fair brings together the work of emerging artists, rising in acclaim, with the work of long-established legends, resulting in a melting pot of flourishing culture. This year, photographer Thandiwe Muriu made a splash with her eyepopping pieces: swirling patterns of blues, oranges, pinks, and yellows punctuated her signature portraiture.


Gabriel Orozco’s solo show was another main attraction, showcasing a series of drawings, paintings, and sculptures exploring Mexico’s natural and urban landscapes.


The drawings in his series Diario de Plantas (Diary of Plants) depict imprints of leaves found in Acapulco and Mexico City, brought to life in rich greens, yellows, oranges, and pinks.


Photo Credit: Kurimanzutto-Gabriel Orozco

Art Basel Miami is another of the art world’s pinnacle yearly attractions. The most recent edition of the festival brought together works from 277 international galleries, representing art from North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


KDR gallery hosted Alejandro Piñeiro Bello’s solo show, En El Arco del Caribe (In the Arc of the Caribbean).


A “must-see” exhibition according to Frieze, the show included paintings that swelled with color. Vibrant hues of orange, pink, blue, and yellow combined to create pieces that seemed to move, just like the actions they depicted—from the rise and fall of ocean waves to breath moving in and out of lungs.


A favorite piece in the main convention center was the Haas Brothers’ “Multicolored Whale Earnhardt Jr.,” a kaleidoscopic, wool rug lined with yellow jellyfish, green sharks, blue stingrays, and more.



Photo Credit: The Haas’ Brothers’ “Multicolored Whale Earnhardt Jr.

Indulge yourself in tapestries of rich color by exploring our latest Color Perspective palette.


  • Montage - Vivid Punch

  • Ultraleather Pro

  • Ultraleather Pro - Melon

  • Lino

  • Lino - Bosporous

  • Lino

  • Lino - Granny Smith

  • Ultraleather

  • Ultraleather - Citrus

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