September 14, 2023
Blues, Greens, & the Sea: Michelle Ogundehin's Aura Speaks to Nature & Interiors
Michelle Ogundehin is an internationally renowned authority on interiors, trends, well-being, and style, which is shown through her work as a writer, author, brand consultant, and TV presenter. With this list of credentials, we couldn’t think of a better person to participate in Experience Hue!

As a self-proclaimed eternal pragmatist with a spiritual core, Michelle was a little skeptical on the notion of aura readings, but she had an open mind and was rather pleased with the results.

Michelle loves all shades of green and blue. She thinks of them as shades of the sea and sky and finds them very comforting. It’s no surprise that the shades where these colors meet is what predominantly made up her aura reading.

The location of blue on Michelle’s reading is said to reflect her current consciousness. Blue is the color of sensitivity, intuition, compassion, and healing. It is also the color of communication, and considering how Michelle makes her living, that is quite fitting!

The right side of the reading, denoted by darker shades of blue and indigo, indicates what she puts out to the world. Indigo is the color of intuition, vision, loyalty, and how we see beyond our five senses. Michelle believes this ties into her work on trend prediction.
Michelle found great inspiration from her aura reading and created a seascape painting to help her build a mood board — this is an insight into her unique creative process as she believes that if the colors work in nature, then they’ll work in the home. Considering she uses a lot of her aura colors within her own living space, the chosen materials reflect those found in her home.

Michelle’s relationship with color is deep. She believes it is everything to a space, and has the ability shift, and create, a mood. Explore the Ultrafabrics colors Michelle used in her moodboard below: 

Ultraleather Plum
Ultraleather Pro Blue Bird
Coast Glacial
Montage Beryl

“I try to instruct people on the art of developing a personal palette — a selection of shades that work harmoniously together that really resonate for them in some way. Mix in texture, pattern, metallics and wood, all of which have their own color temperature, and you’re on your way to creating a home that has the capacity to restore, revive and heal.”
- Michelle Ogundehin
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