February 16, 2023
Textile Designer Margo Selby Weaves Her Aura Into Art
In our second influencer focus of our Experience Hue campaign, we got inspired with Margo Selby, creative director of UK-based Margo Selby Studio, a woven textile design studio.

Because of her work, Margo understands the vast effects of color combinations and their impact on design, but she’s always been interested in how colors can be symbolic and keen to learn about color from a perspective other than design.
"Colour is essential for me – the perception of colour is like another sense – it is emotional and also physical for me, colour is a physical sensation."
- Margo Selby

On the way to her aura reading, she read up on the meanings of each color and had a good sense of what colors she would read. In the end, her aura was bright magenta and orange, which signals creativity, communication, and a social nature. She was shocked at how accurate the reading actually was!


Margo’s artwork was inspired by her aura reading. She explored her color energy in thread, symbolizing the journeys that can be made between the colors and how they interact with other colors. She paired her designs with corals, rich oranges, purples, and reds from our Ultrafabrics collections.  

"Colours can represent things such as personality and mood – they are a way we express ourselves."
- Margo Selby

While crafting her scheme, she started feeling an upward shift in her mood and realized just how much these strong, hot colors can be used to uplift a space and add joy to the atmosphere.


Color is essential for Margo and the perception of it is like another sense, evoking physical and emotional responses.


These are the Ultrafabrics materials that Margo resonated with after her aura reading and included in her mood board -


291-9385 Ultraleather Plum
624-1408 Reef Pro Lobster
291-8233 Ultraleather Autumn Leaf

740-82593 Lino Carrot

What Ultrafabrics colors resonate with you?

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