Puma 2021
July 01, 2021

Color and Emotion - Sneaker Edition

Color is powerful. It can trigger emotions, shift moods and even cause physiological changes within our bodies. These effects on the human psyche have been acknowledged for centuries. The ancient Egyptians, for example, used orange shades to energize and blue hues to calm. Psychiatrist Carl Jung assigned colors to personality traits as a way of conceptualizing identity.


It should come as no surprise then, that today, merchandizing firms have whole departments dedicated to color psychology. A booming industry that capitalizes on this relationship between color and emotion? Sneakers.

Makers like Adidas, Puma, Reebok, and Nike are all fierce competitors in the race to make the next ‘IT’ shoe. And they know how imperative color is to that goal: “‘between 70% to 90% of subconscious judgement on a product is made in a few seconds on color alone’”, says Jenny Ross, the head of concept design and strategy for lifestyle footwear at New Balance.

The hue of each shoe is meticulously calculated. Nike’s iconic Volt sneaker, with its unmistakable bright lime color, made its first appearance during the 2012 Olympics. The shade was chosen after an analysis of how color showed up on HDTV racetracks, identifying which hue ignited the fastest vibrations in the human eye. The greenish yellow that Nike selected triggers a physiological response that excites us--Nike’s color choice was highly purposeful.
Puma 2021

After a year of quarantine, sneaker color specialists are seeing a trend towards the energetic and cheerful. Heiko Desens, the global creative director of Puma, says he is “’seeing a particularly positive response to dialed up pastels and strong yellow.’”

Adidas Yeezy 700

This January’s Yeezy Boost 700 “Sun” sneaker, in its orange and yellow elation, is a perfect example. Rick Owens, a brand usually known for black, has taken a new direction with the bright pink Phlegethon Phleg Runner. Many of the sneaker colors on today’s shelves have been chosen to inspire positivity within the customer.

Puma 2021

At Ultrafabrics, we understand the emotional significance of color. Along with extensive research, we develop our color palettes to reflect our client’s needs, knowing that they will bring their own history and personal preferences to the table. One person may love a particular shade of yellow because it reminds her of a favorite dress or flower. Another may dislike it because it’s a reminder of a wallpaper  they loathed as a child. Our diverse portfolio of colors, covering every inch of the color wheel, is sure to provide everyone with a shade they’ll connect to.


Check out a few of our timeless bright colors and some updated new pastels, that’ll add a bit of positivity to any space.

Timeless, vibrant brights

Dwell Sizzle 570-1328 

Reef Pro Clownfish 624-1415

Promessa Mustard 363-5263

Ultraleather Lagoon 291-2527  

Cove Capital Blue 593-2619


Updated, fresh pastels

Brisa French Vanilla 533-3866  

Volar Bio Burlap 630-3842

Ultraleather Pro Blush 554-7200

Volar Bio Mint 630-7290

Wired Lemon Drop 531-5266

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