May 01, 2021

Most Anticipated Buildings of 2021

Visions of returning to public life are coming into focus. 

These highly anticipated architectural masterpieces, set to open or complete construction in 2021, reflect the excitement cautiously rising. Their exteriors boldly display the theme of vibrant color--reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, whites, and golds: the joy surrounding our return to public spaces is palpable.

OurDomain Student Housing, Amsterdam (above)

With students’ imminent return to campuses around the globe, this Amsterdam student housing complex captures the mood: exuberance. Bright oranges, yellows, whites, reds and subtle pinks pop against the skyline, evoking the happiness that reuniting with fellow classmates will bring. The colors of the structure also foster creativity, as young adults will begin to put their heads together (at last, physically speaking!) once more.

Sunac Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Guangzhou

Rumblings of live theater making its come back are growing louder, and Guangzhou’s new Grand Theatre is turning up the volume. The entire structure, rich and bold in its solid red, is impossible to ignore. The message of this building is clear: the vibrancy of the arts will be back.

Far Rockaway Library, New York

Though the rule against socializing won’t have changed upon our return to public libraries, the thought of merely reading in the presence of others again is strangely comforting. Far Rockaway’s new library features a gold-tinted, translucent exterior. The gold is warm and whimsical, almost inviting its bookworms to dive back into the magic it houses.

Here are some eye-popping shades to prep your spaces for a triumphant return:

Ultraleather Poppy 291-1347
Brisa Flamingo 533-8203
Brisa Koi 533-8202
Brisa Pompeiian 533-1383
Ultraleather Pro Melon 554-8251
Wired Lemon Drop 531-5266
Ultraleather Baltic 291-2551
Ultraleather Pro Raw Sienna 554-3835

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