July 01, 2022
London's Design Museum Unveils Immersive ASMR Exhibit

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a tingling sensation that some people experience when exposed to particular types of auditory or visual stimuli. While not a new phenomenon, this sensation is recently in the spotlight thanks to the internet and social media where ASMR videos and content are aplenty.


London’s Design Museum invites visitors to experience ASMR in real life by entering a mesmerizing, interactive space with their exhibition Weird Sensation Feels Good: The World of ASMR. The exhibition features household names like Icelandic musician Björk and television-painter personality Bob Ross, in addition to 12 groundbreaking ASMRtists.


Photo courtesy of the Design Museum

Ultrafabrics also plays a hand in bringing this exhibition to its full sensorial potential by providing fabric for seating and installations within the space. Artist and sound designer Julie Rose Bower created a studio space exploring the act of close-listening with five unique installations including echoes in a cave, the crunch of snow underfoot, and more. To fully relax and immerse oneself in the ASMR experience, large body pillows made from Ultrafabrics’ Pumice collection invite visitors to sit or lounge and envelope them into the experience. In addition to the sound a visitor may hear from the cushy body pillows, the feeling from the pillows also provides a tactility that complements the audio and visual elements.


Photo courtesy of the Design Museum

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