March 07, 2022

Tsar Carpets' Forma Collection Embodies Colors of Outdoor Escapes

There are a lot of things that set Ultrafabrics apart – our materials, our innovation, and The Color Lab – just to name a few. But the biggest thing that sets us apart from the other manufacturers out there is our community.

In 2022, we are putting all those things together to give you blog posts written by our employees based on the color inspirations they find in their daily lives. Some posts may be about first-hand experiences; others may be about an interesting article. Whatever it may be that inspires us, we want to share with you.

Photo courtesy of Tsar Carpets/
Color is at the forefront of design, especially now, when it is being re-discovered with more unique sources of inspiration.

Designed to “embody the dawn of a new beginning,” Tsar Carpets embraces the idea of escapism with their newest rug collection, Forma. The 25-piece collection was created during quarantine when daily walks served as an outlet for inspiration. Cracked earth and moss-covered rocks were some of the influences behind the floor coverings’ distinct patterns.

Photo courtesy of Tsar Carpets/
As someone who also participated in daily walks during quarantine that provided me with feelings of escape and joy during such a lackluster time, I felt connected and inspired by this company’s creation. They took the beauty that we experience outside, and the feelings that come with it, and brought it inside, making that freedom and happiness more accessible than ever.

Forma stimulates the senses with unexpected colors and texture combinations that encapsulate the ideas of energy and optimism, something that, for me, Ultrafabrics also does. Here are some colors and collections that remind me of what I experience on my own walks of escapism.

Top row, left to right:
630-4335 Volar Bio Spinach
570-2532 Dwell Glaze
 556-5963 Mokume Grey Jay

Bottom row, left to right:
601-9362 Tottori Orchid
393-4529 Brisa Forecast Glass

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