September 21, 2022
UF Marketing & Branding Team Enjoys Immersive Art Experience
Each month, our Branding and Marketing teams leave our desks to go out into the world and experience something together. Beyond team bonding, it’s a way to keep us all abreast of trends and inspire our creativity.

Our latest field trip took place at an immersive art experience called UnARThodox Intuitive Art. What many of us expected to be a standard “paint and sip”, turned out to be a colorful, sense-provoking experience that affected us all in many ways.
Here’s how we felt:

Although being a creative individual, this was actually my first paint & sip experience and the immersive aspect of it was incredible. Any time I draw or sculpt, I usually have a plan of attack- for once it felt nice to absorb the surroundings and just let my emotions guide my brush. It was an incredibly therapeutic experience that I will never forget!

– JoJo Leone, Lead Graphic Designer

I think the experience was a great way to bring the team together. As someone who works in the art field, I find that creative burnout is absolutely a real thing, so it was nice to have the opportunity to pick up a brush and some paint and just create without a plan or a brief. The experience as whole made me appreciate the freedom that art gives you and how it allows you to connect with yourself and others around you!

– Sara Harden, Lead Illustrator/Graphic Designer
This experience made me think and reflect on my life this past year. I kind of just painted how the music made me feel based on that. The left represents feeling sad but letting my sadness build a ocean (build positive things around me) and sun adding power to keep my eye open. The left the red represents anger but not forgetting my heart and putting it into everything I do.

– Areana Delaosa, Sampling Assistant

This experience reminded me how sensory art can be. In some ways it should be a requirement. Sounds, sights, smells, tastes all contribute to our inspiration. This was a perfect activity for our business because it reminded me of how important the senses are to the way we express our brand, our products, and our benefits. I also loved hanging with the team. We are a bunch of spirited individuals, each with our own story and it is fun to come together for an afternoon and share something unique.

- Barry Silverman, Vice President of Marketing/Branding
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