May 17, 2022

White Provides a Blank Slate Full of Creative Possibilities

This month’s Color Perspective highlights Hush, a gathering of Ultrafabrics’ most magnetic white shades. White is singular in the sheer breadth of its symbolism and usage. From bright and crisp, to warm and creamy, the color signals a majestic beauty: the silence of a fresh snowfall, the peace of a white dove. Its stillness serves as a balancing force, conjuring an elegant tranquility in any space.

Photo courtesy of Despina Photography

One of the first colors used in visual art, white can be found in the 18,000- year-old Lascaux Cave drawings of France; the paleolithic artists worked with calcite and chalk to achieve their white shading. Ancient Greek painters, who associated white with the gods of Mount Olympus, utilized lead white. Made from lead metal and vinegar, this pigment was highly toxic, yet remained the most popular white hue until the 20th century. In 1921, the Titanium Pigment Corporation of Niagara Falls began commercial distribution of titanium white. This shade replaced lead white as the brightest white pigment available, and, by 1945, made up 80% of white pigment sales. Today, titanium white is the colorant used in most toothpaste and sunscreen brands.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Recently, we’ve seen an upward trend in white shades. With the time for quiet reflection the COVID pandemic has brought, white’s serenity has made it the perfect color for any environment. It represents a blank slate, focusing the mind and centering the body. It invites us to wind down, and at the same time, wake up. White, in its innocence and simplicity, epitomizes the fresh start so many of us have been craving.


Photo courtesy of  Creative Commons/Marco Verch

Hush is a celebration of Ultrafabrics’ interpretation of white. The color’s subtle brilliance is quiet; its beauty speaks for itself. White’s timeless appeal and endless possibility creates infinite opportunities in any market.

Coast SnowcapLike a layer of a fresh coat of snow, clean and untouched.

Pumice Whiteshore
White sandy beaches, untouched, washing up on shore brings to mind this calming color.

Ultraleather Pro White Wash
Similar to the paint-like substance, made of lime and water, to whiten surfaces, this particular white mimics its washed effect.

Ultraleather White
Soft, clean and not overly stark white, this color represents the quintessential white.

Spectra Eggshell
With its faint two tone patterning, this warm pale color is reminiscent of the color of a familiar chicken's egg.

Brisa White
With a hint of pale-yellow undertones, this white comes off as slightly warm but not in a perceptible way.

Forecast Polar
Like the pristine snow or the artic bear found in the North Pole, this bright white allows for camouflage in any environment.

Promessa Snow
If you look closely, you can see an aggregation of tiny snow crystals that are unique and translucent and reflected in our pure snow example.

Coast Beacon
Like a beacon of light, used to see longer distances, this bright white is impressive and hopeful.

Ultraleather Pro Salt
Although salt varies in color, from colorless when pure, and white, gray or brown, typical of rock salt. We associate our salty white with the color of coarse sea salt.

Fresco Coconut
Color classification has to do with level of maturity and young coconuts have white husks under their green outer skins. That texture and color are captured in our color Coconut.

Ultraleather Ermine
Although an ermine's coat is dark brown, belly is the purest of white and illuminated in our warm.

New! Impasto Ice Storm
Soft and pale, this white is the opposite its stormy name.

New! Lino White Marigold
A unique vanilla white flower, light in color and contrast, our inspiration for this color.

New! Montage White Marble
The purest calcite marble is white. Mysterious yet grounding, this color, with its subtle marbling, is the perfect balance.

Photo courtesy of Despina Photography

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