June 27, 2023
Modern Hospitality Design Throughout the World Embraces Bold Colors
The return of warmer weather has come, and the collective mindset of renewed energy is palpable. Summer fun is waiting in the wings and a joyful mood swirls in the air. In terms of color psychology, which explores the connection between color and human emotion or behavior, June calls to mind saturated, bold hues. Bright shades have invigorating power, lending a sense of spirited energy to our disposition. Even more exciting to the eye than one vivid shade is a combination of multiple. In celebration of the new season, we take a tour around the world to view three exceptional interior designs, all exploding in animated color schemes. From France to Hawaii these spaces are sure to inspire joy.

Our first stop is Hawaii, where design studio BHDM dreamt up a very unique plan for their renovation of the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki. With a selection of the boldest shades possible, along with a variety of tropical prints and materials, BHDM’s layout is meant to echo the luscious scenery of the island. “Bringing to life the dramatic landscape and sunsets of Hawaii with a contemporary twist, BHDM’s design for Shoreline incorporates the colors and textures found in the nature and wildlife of Hawaii and filters them through a neon lens,” detailed a statement from the design studio. In the lounge area of the entrance way, hot pink carpeting meets electric yellow, teal, and royal blue seating; cages that hang from the ceiling contain paper birds, and, at night, these fixtures are revealed to be neon lights that bathe the room in a pink and purple glow. The stairwell leading up to the pool deck is covered in a lavender, red, and blue mural, in which tropical flora and fauna twist around tree trunks. The guest rooms themselves contain patterned window shades, rugs, and bedspreads, coming in pink, green, blue, or red. Altogether, the design of this unique hotel is a feast for the eyes. Guests enter a world soaked in color, offering an experience that is truly one of a kind.

Next, we travel to the French city of Lyon to highlight a unique Italian eatery, one with roots in both traditional and contemporary design. Piada was brought to life by the Spanish design studio Masquespacio and is famous for selling a special type of Italian flatbread. Its color palette is distinctly refreshing, the combination of mint green, rich lilac, and honey yellow meant to match the healthiness of the food that is served there. Masquespacio began their process by researching “ancient Italian restaurants and bars to bring the traditional concept into the design.” From this work came the archways, gold finishes, and marble motifs found throughout the space. Next, the team “sought elements that could represent a sort of healthy aspect, which at the same time have a splashy and young color concept that represents the brand’s identity.” In addition to the organic hues of the walls, floors, and furniture, bunches of fresh foliage hang beside tables and over the front entrance. Its interior of bold pastels makes this eatery a haven of wellness and peace.

We finish with Atrium, a cocktail bar brimming with personality that’s located in downtown Atlanta. Marked by saturated tones of green, pink and gold, its plush design was conceived by Smith Hanes Studio. Upon first arrival, patrons’ eyes are drawn to the mural of ibis birds lining the walls, their feathers radiant in magenta, mustard, and aqua shades. The couches and stools come in various rose colors, velvety in texture. The bar itself glows green, with iridescent tiling covering the foundation and algae-colored paint enveloping its upper cabinetry. The founder of Smith Hanes stated that “the design was inspired by colorful French cafes and Art Deco buildings…[with] lines, colors, shapes, and patterns [that] are fascinating, unafraid, and daring.” When all of these design elements are summed together, the result is a whimsical space, with hints of tropical joviality and daring, art-deco-eccentricity.

We’ve curated just a few of our boldest colors for your perusal. Grouping them into unexpected palettes creates an unmistakable mood of excitement.

554-8254 Rosy Coral  + 624-4316 Caribbean

533-2794 Rising Tide + 744-14453 Vivid Punch

533-8269 Yukon Gold + 291-1176 Red

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