May 14, 2024
BMW x Mahlangu: Driving Artistry

At this year’s Frieze Los Angeles art fair, a special installation captivated attendees. Combining leading-edge technology with artisan craftsmanship, BMW collaborated with South African artist Esther Mahlangu to unveil the BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA—a color-changing car.


Displaying shifting animations across its body and wheels in Mahlangu’s unique style, the car's vibrant geometric patterns honor South African tradition, while BMW’s innovative color-changing E Ink technology symbolizes forward-looking progress. This fusion of artisanship and technological innovation resonates deeply with Ultrafabrics, as highlighted in this month’s Edge post.


The sedan's changing color scheme is made possible by BMW’s E Ink technology—electrically manipulated film applied in strips to the car’s exterior.


With millions of microcapsules containing color particles, each strip can portray the complexity of Mahlangu’s images. BMW’s E Ink technology, introduced in 2022, allows drivers to personalize their vehicles uniquely while also offering energy-saving benefits. Lighter shades reflect sunlight, while darker shades absorb it, helping regulate the car’s internal temperature naturally.


The BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA showcases a greater sophistication in color display, setting it apart from the original BMW iX Flow.

The BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA displays Mahlangu’s artwork, which is distinct in its use of kaleidoscopic shapes and vibrant, saturated color.


The car exhibits Mahlangu’s artwork through animations ranging from soft lilac to algae teal. For onlookers at Frieze, the display resembled a high-tech light show across the car’s surface.


Renzo Vitale, BMW Group’s Creative Director, Sound, composed a soundscape influenced by South Africa’s Ndebele culture, further enhancing the exhibition's uniqueness.


This integration of South African heritage, contemporary technology, and artistic expertise created a truly singular experience.

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