Smith House eclectic furniture living room area
April 12, 2024
Ultrafabrics' 25th Anniversary Celebrates Creativity and Color

This April marks the 25th anniversary of Ultrafabrics, a journey filled with pioneering accomplishments and boundary-pushing ventures.


Throughout the past quarter-century, our steadfast commitment to imagination has been at the forefront. From introducing one of the first luxury leather alternatives to engineering our Peta award-winning Volar Bio collection, envisioning the unprecedented has been paramount.


This month's Edge post celebrates the spirit of imagination by highlighting three innovative design projects that have made headlines for their bold elements. We applaud their fearless embrace of unexpected, saturated color palettes, each demonstrating how daring color combinations can electrify any design venture.

First, we journey to St. Louis, where the Smith House stands as a testament to whimsical design and vibrant creativity.


With its eclectic mix of furniture pieces from the Memphis Group, this 6,000-square-foot residence exudes an imaginative charm.


From a life-size robot bookshelf to a master bedroom adorned in hot pink and turquoise, every corner of the Smith House invites exploration and wonder.


Next, we arrive in Paris, where design studio Uchronia has conjured a space-age interior for Café Nuances’ third location.


Patrons are launched into a galaxy far away as bold ombre colors adorn the walls and floors, transitioning from fiery orange to ocean blue.


Celestial orbs illuminate the ceiling, forming a semicircle shape that gives the impression of planets orbiting overhead. This captivating design animates the space with a zestful vitality, creating a feast for the senses and transporting visitors to another dimension.

Paul Smith Gufram Cactus Design

Lastly, we arrive in Los Angeles, where designer Paul Smith reimagined the iconic Gufram Cactus for the reopening of his boutique on Melrose Avenue.


Embracing a sunrise color palette, this whimsical creation symbolizes resilience and new beginnings. With its cheerful hues and playful design, the "Sunrise Cactus" embodies the spirit of growth and evolution, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration.


A note from the company reads that the Sunrise Cactus “stands as a symbol for resilience, thriving in harsh conditions and representing a willingness to grow and evolve. It represents a metaphorical new sunrise for Paul Smith in Los Angeles.”



To complement these sustainable designs, we've curated a collection of our favorite nature-inspired shades, celebrating the inherent beauty of sustainability.


  • Brisa - Honeydew

    Brisa - Honeydew

  • Brisa

  • Brisa - Rising Tide

    Brisa - Rising Tide

  • Reef Pro

  • Reef Pro - Submarine

    Reef Pro - Submarine

  • Ultraleather Pro

  • Ultraleather Pro - Melon

    Ultraleather Pro - Melon

  • Volar Bio

  • Volar Bio - Monarch

    Volar Bio - Monarch

  • Promessa

  • Promessa - Fireclay

    Promessa - Fireclay

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