Hospital bed and couch in modern hospital room.


Trusted by specifiers and designers for patient rooms, doctor’s offices, waiting rooms and other public areas, our materials are trusted to endure the demanding rigors of clinical settings, while providing the utmost in softness and comfort. Stocked in the U.S. and UK,  including carded programs with all major furniture manufacturers, projects include -Memorial Sloan Kettering NY, Northwestern Medical Chicago, New York University, Medical NY, UCSF San Francisco, and Stanford Health.

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  • Benefits
    • 01

      Exceptional hydrolysis performance for optimal durability

    • 02

      Resistance to fluids and moisture

    • 03

      Bleach-cleanable and inherently stain resistant
      Can withstand commonly used cleaners, disinfectants and frequent cleanings

    • 04

      Climate control technology resists temperature changes for
      a comfortable seating experience

    • 05

      Select styles feature EPA-registered antimicrobial protection

    • 06

      Skin-friendly, odorless and non-allergenic 

    • 07

      PVC and animal-free

    • 06

      Stocked in US/UK including carded programs with all major furniture manufacturers

    • 06

      Compliant with Health Care Without Harm’s Safer Chemical Challenge V.2 (select styles)

  • Healthcare Without Harm
    • Ultrafabrics offers a growing list of products that meet the goals set forth by Practice Greenhealth and the Health Care Without Harm’s Safer Chemical Challenge V.2 and avoid the use of antimicrobials, formaldehyde, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), per- and polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs), and flame-retardant chemicals.

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