Ultrafabrics materials are the result of time-honored, Japanese craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology combined. Designed for ultimate comfort and durability that enhance the final experience, our materials challenge expectations.
Extraordinary Materials for Extraordinary Spaces
A red roll of fabric, a peach roll of fabric, an off-white roll of fabric, and a berry red roll of fabric lying next to each other with a tan roll of fabric on top.
The 30 collections in the Ultrafabrics portfolio offer over 500 versatile fabrics that combine aesthetics, sensorial tactility and functionality to deliver the highest quality material of its kind. Produced with proprietary structures and exclusive pigment systems, the portfolio contains an array of high-performance options for every type of application.
Close-up of a microscope lens looking at a slide.
Solutions are answers to problems. Our design teams are focused on raising the bar on comfort, convenience, durability and sustainability. The result is a sophisticated and high-performance fabric that is engineered with the most innovative technologies available.

"If you can imagine it, we can create it."
We create possibilities and our passion for innovation knows no boundaries. Every aspect of our process can be tailored to meet your vision. 
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