If you can imagine it, we can create it —  Every aspect of our product can be tailored to your specification. From color to texture, adjusted gloss levels or a completely customized construction - we can design a material that brings your imagination to life.
Gray fabric, green fabric, and tan fabric folded on a dark blue background.
The Process

Collaboration is key when creating a custom product. Our team will work closely with you from initial concept to final delivery, without losing sight of your vision or our commitment to creating beautiful and functional materials suited for life. 

  • 01
    Submit Inspiration
    This includes pantone chips, fabric swatches, a piece of yarn & product specifications
  • 02
    Lab Dip
    An 8in x 10in sample that represents all of your creativity will be created
  • 03
    Review & Approval
    The lab dip will be formally submitted to you for review and approval. Once approved we will be able to move on to either step 4 or 5
  • 04
    Sample Roll
    After lab dip approval, a sample roll will be produced. If we are creating a custom color in an existing Ultrafabrics collection, then we can skip this step and go right to final production
  • 05
    Final Production

    Once the lab dip or sample roll is approved, we move on to final production. 


    Please contact your sales representative for current lead times.

Customizable Solutions

  • Pro Ink & Stain Resistance
    Unites repellency and cleanability in one, providing additional protection against ballpoint pens, red wine, mustard, denim dyes and more
  • UV Endurance
    UV-stable technology provides colorfastness and durability from exposure to the outdoors
  • Breathable Technology
    Proprietary system of microscopic pores that will enhance softness and promote air circulation for highest level of seating comfort
  • Luminescence
    A subtle, reflective shimmer for a subdued metallic effect can enhance perception of grain and/or texture
  • EPA-Registered Antimicrobial Protection
    Silver-ion based agent that will inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microbes
  • Anti-Static / ESD
    Engineered to dissipate and shield against electrostatic discharge (ESD), Anti-static is tested to 10^6 to 10^9 OHMS to help maintain a static-free environment
  • Biobased Resources
    We will work with you  to create a material that meets your sustainability goals including biobased resins derived from corn content
  • Backcloth Customization
    We can tailor  the backcloth to meet your upholstering needs. Select from:
    100% Rayon - Not recommended for automotive, outdoor or high-traffic applications
    65% Polyester / 35% Rayon - Plain Weave
    65% Polyester / 35% Rayon - Twill Weave
    100% Polyester - Circular Knit with 4 way stretch
    50% Acrylic / 50% Rayon IFR (Inherent Flame Retardant)
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