Ultrafabrics works closely with organizations that are creating a sustainable future for all. We have set ambitious targets for social and environmental responsibility and are proud to partner with the organizations:


Responsible for planting hundreds of thousands of trees globally, Treedom provides environmental and financial benefits to local communities. Trees account for offsetting nearly 30% of global CO2 emissions every year. Not only do trees purify the air that we breathe, but they also contribute to the local biodiversity.

Planting of the Ultrafabrics forest began in 2019 and we have currently offset almost 30,000kg of CO2. We look forward to growing our forest in 2020 and beyond.

View the Ultrafabrics/Treedom forest here 


ANEW is non-profit organization that matches corporate surplus furniture and related goods to charities, public agencies and the underserved. It provides sustainable liquidation alternatives throughout the United States and redirects hundreds of tons of useable surplus goods from landfill.

By partnering with ANEW, Ultrafabrics offers a resource to customers looking for a sustainable way to decommission a space. The process is simple and direct – please contact your sales representative for more information.

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Coral Reef Alliance

Rising water temperatures weaken the algae, resulting in food shortages and coral bleaching. It is imperative that the reefs of the world are saved to preserve the entire ecosystem. We pledge a portion of our 2020 Ultraleather ® | Reef Pro sales to the Coral Reef Alliance, a charitable non-profit organization whose mission is to save the world’s coral reefs.