At Ultrafabrics, we believe in the power of positive change. Our company exists in a state of permanent evolution, supported by an obsession with improving: improving products, improving processes, improving our overall footprint. We operate with our eyes firmly focused on the future and a commitment to making it better. To achieve our goals, we continuously seek deeper understanding of our environmental impact and opportunities for positive community involvement by investigating and implementing progressive CSR practices.

Our Three CSR Pillars


Sustainability starts with people.

Ultrafabrics strives to build and support cultures of positive change, whether inside the company or within the communities that surround us. We continuously work to identify new opportunities for positive contribution.

Charitable Contributions 


Minimizing environmental impact.

Ultrafabrics is committed to developing product using efficient manufacturing processes, based on conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions, and with minimal dependency on natural resources.

Eco-Scorecard  Sustainable Initiatives 


Tomorrow brings better.

Ultrafabrics was born in a spirit of pioneering and innovation. We evolve with the emergence of new technologies, setting fresh goals for reduction of our footprints. From our mills to our office, we collaborate to raise standards and continuously improve.