JLR SV2x Ultrafabric Leather InteriorWoman model with dark, straight, shoulder-length hair, in black leather blazer and pants, resting arm on a white pedestal, looking over her shoulder.
Sustainable Impacts by Market

Our products are the result of time-honored Japanese craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology combined. Designed for ultimate comfort and durability, our materials challenge expectations.

  • Transportation


    As global car manufacturers announce net zero targets, sustainable manufacturing and innovative material inputs become crucial to meeting these goals. Our products are made to reduce their environmental impact, using safer chemistry, recycled, and rapidly renewable material inputs and operations focused on reducing emissions, water consumption, and waste. Jaguar Land Rover and McClaren are just two automakers that are reimagining the concept of sustainable modern luxury by using Ultrafabrics interiors.



    The lighter weight of our products reduces environmental loads during transportation and use which is especially important in aviation. Ultrafabrics products are about 1/2 to 2/3 the weight of genuine leather or PVC. Our products are the fabric of choice for progressive brands like Virgin Galactic and Gulfstream Private Jets.


    RV / Marine

    Ultrafabrics has been a longstanding choice for the Marine Industry, and in 2023 Princess Yachts committed to introducing Volar Bio as the standard upholstery fabric for interior helm seating on all their models. “Ultrafabrics has remained a staple resource for Princess Yachts over many years with the eco-friendly Volar Bio collection providing the complete package of quality, comprehensive color palette and durability to offer an ideal resource to support our move towards sustainable design.”- Princess Yachts


  • Ultrafabrics proudly provides our customers with sophisticated fabrics that offer a high performing and sustainable alternative to animal-based products. Our innovative materials conserve resources and protect the wellbeing of people and the planet, while meeting the demands of comfort and durability.

    Learn more about our sustainability journey

    Continuing our journey to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals, we are proud to be the first and only polyurethane material to incorporate TENCEL™ Modal fibers as a backcloth. 

  • Furniture

    Ultrafabrics is honored to be named a Carbon Reduction Leader for Steelcase, who is “designing better futures for the well-being of the planet by reducing its carbon footprint, designing for circularity, and choosing and using materials responsibly.” Our fabrics, which are included in the mindfulMaterials and Design for Health by MindClick libraries, support sustainably minded manufacturers and designers to reduce their environmental impact.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare offices require durable materials that also allow for transitioning away from vinyl to prevent harmful off-gassing and promote patient well-being. We proudly offer a selection of materials that support Health Care Without Harm’s goal of eliminating the use of five substances - PVC, PFAS stain resistant finishes, flame retardants, antimicrobials, and formaldehyde. Our products are trusted by specifiers and designers of clinical settings, patient and waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, and spas for customers like A-Dec, Haworth Health, and Lexor.

  • Fashion

    Ultrafabrics animal- and skin-friendly polyurethane fabrics provide a luxury alternative to leather that offers value in both design and innovation in the fashion industry. In partnership with Japanese designer, Kanako Kajihara, we are researching innovations like fabric dyes from food waste, such as coffee and matcha tea, and new biobased inputs like scallop shells. Kanako Kajihara is a highly esteemed textile designer who’s deeply influenced by the philosophy of wabi sabi and finding usefulness in what some might consider waste. These initial positive results will continue to support our innovation roadmap, and the data-gathering and experimentation is imperative to our commitment to a sustainable future.


    “For my brand Smouldy, it's important to provide premium faux leather options that cater to diverse preferences. While many materials tend to be overly thick and challenging to work with, Ultraleather stands out in a league of its own. With its ideal thickness, buttery softness, and exceptional durability, Ultraleather opens endless possibilities for creative manipulation. Its stunning array of colors and textures is unmatched, making it the go-to choice for quality and versatility. Once you try Ultraleather it’s very hard to find other materials that match up to the level of quality.” - Stephanie Mold, Designer

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