Responsible Innovation

We are shaping the future of high-tech performance materials, where sustainability is built-in. Beauty, performance, comfort, sustainability – there’s no need to compromise.

By 2025, all Ultrafabrics branded products sold to furniture, healthcare, recreational vehicle, marine, aviation, and accessories markets will have at least 50% rapidly renewable and/or recycled ingredients. This is five years ahead of our original goal!

These new ingredients are scalable, plentiful, and maintain our performance standards. Working closely with our partners, we’re proud to incorporate the following:

  • Man-Made Cellulosic Fibers
    We are the first and only polyurethane material to utilize rapidly renewable TENCEL™ Modal fibers, which are manufactured using beech wood sourced from sustainable forests.

    About TENCEL™

    • TENCEL™ Modal is a cellulosic fiber manufactured by Lenzing AG from beech wood sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries.

    • Beech wood forests are a natural and renewable source of raw material, supporting our use of rapidly renewable resources.

    • The use of TENCEL™ Modal helps efficiently use natural resources and reduce emissions and other environmental impacts.

    Collections with TENCEL™:  Eco Tech, Pearlized, Ultraleather, Ultraleather Pro
  • Sustainable and Recycled Yarns

    Collections with the 65% polyester/35% rayon backcloth will be updated to include recycled and responsible resources over the coming years.


    The recycled polyester is sourced from REPREVE® and uses an estimated 8.3 recycled plastic bottles per yard or 9 bottles per meter. 

    About REPREVE®

    • REPREVE® polyester is a branded fiber manufactured by Unifi that uses recycled plastic bottles, post-consumer polyester, and post-industrial waste to create high-quality yarns.

    • REPREVE® fibers are fully traceable and are made using cleaner chemical processes. 


    The rayon fibers are transparently sourced from ECOVERO™. The use of these fibers helps reduce water impacts, emissions, and other environmental impacts.


    About ECOVERO™

    • ECOVERO™ is a branded viscose-alternative fiber produced by Lenzing AG that uses sustainable wood inputs from certified and controlled sources.

    • Compared to generic viscose, ECOVERO™ has up to 50% lower water impact and 50% fewer emissions calculated by the Higg Materials Sustainability Index.


    Current collections that now include this blended backcloth across all SKUs are Brisa and  Fresco.

  • Bio-Based Resources

    By 2025, Volar Bio, our first bio-based collection will be updated to include Susterra® propanediol sourced from U.S. corn dent kernels, which does not detract from food supply or agricultural resources.


    About Susterra®


    • Dent corn is a renewable, resource-efficient, carbohydrate crop allowing production of bio- building blocks at large scale replacing fossil fuels. Susterra® is 100% bio-based, USDA certified, and reduces the carbon footprint.


    • Susterra® propanediols are sourced through regenerative agriculture, a set of management practices farmers use to build and improve their soil. These practices improve soil health, protect biodiversity, reduce fertilizer/pesticide use, and can potentially sequester carbon.


    Our bio-based collection:  Volar Bio

  • Collections

    These collections include man-made cellulosic fibers: 

    Eco Tech | Pearlized | Ultraleather | Ultraleather Pro

    These collections include sustainable & recycled yarns:

    Brisa | Fresco | Brisa Frontier | Summit

    These collections include bio-based resources:


    Volar Bio

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