Continuing our journey to utilize more renewable and recycled resources, we are proud to announce our partnership with Lenzing AG, an industry leader in the production of sustainable wood-based fibers and creator of TENCEL™ Modal fibers.

Beyond its botanic origins, the TENCEL™ Modal backcloth allows our products to maintain their soft and natural drape, support body temperature regulation and contributes to our industry-leading, long-lasting softness.

Download the TENCEL™ Modal Sell Sheet

  • Sustainability Goals
    Ultrafabrics is on a mission towards sustainability in all aspects of our business. By 2030, we aim to have 100% of our entire product portfolio across 11 markets made of 50% rapidly renewable and/or recycled materials. It’s a bold target that will support our larger goal of creating materials for the future through a more circular design process.

    As a company, Lenzing AG furthers its ethical credibility with its transparency, which aligns with where Ultrafabrics is going with all of our partners.
  • How TENCEL™ Modal is Made
    TENCEL™ Modal fibers are mainly manufactured from beech wood, sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and/ or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries. Lenzing AG strives to safeguard resources for future generations by the use of renewable energy and the recovery of process chemicals.
  • Benefits
    • TENCEL™ Modal fibers are produced by Eco Soft technology, which offers exquisite softness to textiles and contributes to Ultrafabrics’ industry-leading, long-lasting haptics.

    • Eco Soft technology uses an integrated pulp-to-fiber process that has high recovery rates of process ingredients and generates very low emissions to air.

    • By using more than 83% of bioenergy, TENCEL™ Modal production causes around 81.5% less greenhouse gas emissions than generic modal.
  • Collections

    The following Ultrafabrics collections include TENCEL™ Modal backing, representing 33% of our entire product portfolio:


    Eco Tech






    Ultraleather Pro

TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG
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