What some call a hobby, you call a life. As a leading supplier of high-quality fabrics to the automotive industry, Ultrafabrics has built the UF Garage for industry leaders, designers and enthusiasts just like you. Take the wheel, kick back or look under the hood... this is your hub for an inside perspective on the future of automotive design.
Welcome to the Garage
Ultrafabrics + Automotive
World-Class Interiors
Drivers across the world are demanding more beautiful, durable, and sustainable materials. We offer a turn key portfolio of innovative solutions-paired with unbeatable haptics and durability.
The UF Garage was built for those fueled by what’s inside—because we know you don’t drive it from the outside. Whether you’re a leading manufacturer, a talented designer, or a student with big dreams, you’ll find crave-able, shareable content here featuring the innovative materials and intuitive technology of tomorrow.
Designed for those driven to be different.
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