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From cars to airplane cabins - design evolution
In design cycles over the years, inspiration for aircraft cabin design and aesthetic has often been drawn from the automotive sector. At the pointy end of the plane this inspiration often comes from luxury automobiles, while further back it usually tends towards the wider consumer car market.
Revitalizing brands through cabin design
For a multitude of reasons, airlines are flying their airplanes longer than they used to, spanning more cabin refreshes — and rebrandings — than in the past. With seats and other cabin elements increasingly customised and branded, especially in premium cabins, ensuring that interiors design remains relevant and on-brand throughout the life of a cabin, across brand changes, has never been so important.
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An exclusive monthly feature by John Walton, award-winning independent journalist and analyst specializing in transport, aviation, airlines, safety, and the passenger experience which will be informative and create discussion for the industry.
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