June 17, 2022
Ultrafabrics is Making Great Strides with Its Future-Ready Product Line-ups
Ultrafabrics’ commitment to quality and sustainability is a major driving force propelling the brand towards a promising future. Ultrafabrics has vowed to reduce its reliance on finite resources and incorporate rapidly renewable and recucled resources into its products while ensuring excellence, durability, and style in each layer of the material remains. The result? A premium fabric that delivers comfort, high-performance, and sustainability – and stands the test of time.

With its cutting-edge, innovative technologies, it’s no coincidence that Ultrafabrics is a top choice of upholstery designers across a multitude of industries. Read on to learn more about these technologies and how, with a dedication to perfection and consistency, Ultrafabrics is advancing what’s possible for luxury fabrics.

 #1 Acoustic Properties


While an open office design is a great way to promote a positive work culture, every corporate environment requires a quiet room for thinkers, partner meetings and brainstorming. Not only offices, but hospitals, schools, hotels, auditoriums, and other commercial establishments need to minimize unwanted noise levels to ensure the comfort of their patrons. However, building thick concrete walls within these areas is a waste of space and resources.


Ultrafabrics’ innovative range of fabrics, such as Brisa, Fresco and Spectra, are engineered to be acoustically transparent, allowing noisy sound waves to pass through and be absorbed by a supporting acoustic panel system,  preventing echo and keeping conversations within the confines of a room.


These fabrics are suitable for vertical and horizontal applications across walls, ceilings, furniture, and partition walls, and are available in beautiful textures and colors. Plus, the added flexibility makes it simple to wrap a multitude of surfaces.


#2 Anti-Static Fabrics


Electrostatic discharge (ESD) from upholstery and other fabric surfaces is a major concern in server rooms, clinical testing laboratories and other controlled environments because it can damage integrated circuits and affect the performance of sensitive lab devices.


Ultrafabrics offers an Anti-Static solution with built-in comfort for various seating applications. These fabrics are tested to 10^6 to 10^9 OHMS under different conditions to ensure a static-free environment.


#3 Antimicrobial


From hospitals to therapy rooms, every clinical environment requires surface and furniture solutions that inhibit the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. Ordinary fabrics accumulate sweat and body oil, which react with the fabric’s chemical composition and create a breeding ground for microbes. Not only is it unsanitary for people coming in contact with the surface, but it can mean the difference between life and death in medical operating rooms.


Ultrafabrics takes comfort and hygiene seriously, bringing you a range of EPA-registered antimicrobial fabrics suitable for furniture and surface applications in controlled environments. Utilizing an inherent, naturally bonded process that has been laboratory proven, this silver-ion based solution does not contain Triclosan and Triclocarban, and provides additional deterioration protection to the surface of the product in demanding settings. 


Fabric selections such as Coast, Promessa and Summit prevent bacterial growth, withstand abuse and last long with little-to-no maintenance.


#4 Breathability


Leather upholstery is notorious for its warm and sticky feeling, especially when the weather is hot and humid. This is why breathability is a deciding factor when choosing seating upholstery fabrics, especially when sitting for long periods of time like task chairs or lounge seating. This is where Brisa, Spectra, Brisa Distressed and Mokume are an ideal pick.


Ultrafabrics’ Breathable Comfort fabrics are engineered with a proprietary ventilation system that provides a supple hand and promotes air circulation for the highest level of seating comfort. The Breathable Comfort offering by Ultrafabrics looks and feels like leather, but without the negative impact on your comfort – and the planet.


#5 Stain Resistant


It’s no secret that drink and food spillage is common in any environment, especially hospitality and residential environments, which is why Ultrafabrics has an exclusive selection of stain-resistant polyurethane upholstery fabrics with inherent technology that repels wine stains, denim dyes, ink stains and more.


The  fabrics in this category, including Reef Pro and Ultraleather Pro, are soft, stylish, durable and easy to clean. Ultraleather Pro has the added benefit of EPA-registered antimicrobial protection, making it well-suited for high-traffic and healthcare applications.


#6 Outdoor Fabric


An outdoor entertaining area is incomplete without a comfortable seating arrangement. However, most fabrics fade in the sun or lose their elegance due to prolonged exposure to moisture.


Because Ultrafabrics understands the various outdoor elements that are detrimental to a fabric’s texture and appearance, we created outdoor fabrics that deliver a full range of performance and protection qualities, including moisture repellency, solar endurance, colorfastness, climate control technology and EPA-registered defense against microbes, bacteria and mildew. Our popular collections such as Coast and Pumice offer highly durable yet comfortable outdoor upholstery solutions for marine upholstery commercial spaces. These collections, plus Brisa Forecast and Brisa Frontier are great for residential spaces as well.


#7 Responsible Innovation


We believe that innovation means nothing unless it contributes to the environment. With this belief at the heart of everything we create, Ultrafabrics is thoughtfully designed to conserve resources and protect the wellbeing of people and the planet, while meeting the demands of comfort and durability.


Taking that a step further, we offer a grouping of Responsible Innovation materials that incorporate sustainably conscious ingredients or processes that inspire creators to dream bigger. This includes our first bio-based collection, Volar Bio, which has a 29% BioPreferred Program label. We are also the only polyurethane material to incorporate renewably sourced TENCEL™ Modal fibers across 33% of our portfolio, including Ultraleather, Eco Tech, and Dwell.


Ultrafabrics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium upholstery fabrics for various applications across healthcare, hospitality, corporate and residential environments. If you’re looking for a durable fabric for your upcoming project, get in touch with us to request a fabric sample today.


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