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Discover Uf Select Concept Pro  — our latest ink and stain resistant innovation that's setting a new standard. Say goodbye to PFAS and hello to a modern approach to upholstery without losing a gram of style or function.


Created in partnership with our North American mill, Concept Pro is a testament to Uf Select’s swift delivery and competitive pricing, all while upholding unmatched craftsmanship and precision.


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  • The Fusion of Art and Utility

    Inspired by the boldness of conceptual art, Concept Pro stands apart as more than just a material – it's a statement. With enhanced performance and easy-cleaning features, it transcends the ordinary, offering a solution that's both practical and inspiring:


    • Effortless Upkeep:  Our PFAS-free ink and stain resistance means maintenance is a breeze. Resists ballpoint ink, denim, blood, betadine, and other tough stains. 

    • Durability Defined:  Featuring a polycarbonate resin blend that withstands the rigours of use, confirmed by 10-week hydrolysis resistance and 200k Martindale Rubs.

    • Eco-Conscious Excellence:  Embrace sustainability with features like REACH compliance and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification.

    • Quick Customization:  Made in North America for expedited customisation, perfect for large-scale projects.

  • A Palette of Possibilities

    Dive into a world of colour with Concept Pro’s palette of 25 stunning hues. Each shade is curated to stir emotions and create atmospheres ranging from serene to vibrant, offering endless possibilities to tailor your designs.

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