Inspiring your best ideas.
Sustainable, high-quality, and breathable fabrics that work for any piece of furniture. Indoors and out.

The Comfortable Material of Tomorrow
At home, comfort reigns supreme. Soft and supple, Ultrafabrics represents a new concept of eco-luxury. Our curated range of textures creates a softer surrounding and sense of calm.
All in living rooms
All in dining rooms

All in bedrooms
All in kitchens

kitchen's that are urban chic
exclusive elegance indoor & out
personalized bliss throughout your home
custom made statement pieces

Indoor Style, Outdoor Performance
Made for real life, Ultrafabrics are engineered for maximum durability and minimum maintenance, providing one less thing for you to worry about.
All out dining spaces
All out living spaces

All out zen spaces
All out pool spaces

pool side that's always cool to the touch
terraces that bring the family together
patios that alway look inviting
sunsets that feel even more magical
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