Woodard Residential Outdoor Furniture

 Setting the New Standard in Outdoor Living


A bold stance in our position to revolutionize outdoor design. Setting the standard means we are disruptive and powerful. Our fabrics are doing things that no other fabric has done before. The science of keeping you cool to the touch, protection from UV rays and the elements and delivering a buttery soft fabric for outdoor living is almost magical and should be recognized as a new leader.

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    Uf Select Montage offers a natural and subtly distressed look with its weathered, rich surface that mimics a collage. Crafted in collaboration with Ultrafabrics’ North American mill partner, Uf Select Montage offers an array of on-trend hues, quality, and comfort that has defined Ultrafabrics for decades.


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  • Sustainability

    Ultrafabrics proudly provides our customers with sophisticated fabrics that offer a high performing and sustainable alternative to traditional leather. Our innovative materials conserve resources and protect the wellbeing of people and the planet, while meeting the demands of comfort and durability.

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