Mindful & Modern
Renowned for its proprietary ventilation system, unbeatable comfort, and supple hand, Brisa set the standard and has become a trusted, go-to upholstery choice for any interior project for nearly 25 years.

The ground-breaking legacy of Brisa is now updated with 9 new colors and contains more mindful resources that support our company-wide sustainability goals.
Style & Sustainability Unite

With a renewed energy and a focus on mindful resources, Brisa now includes REPREVE® recycled polyester and ECOVERO™ viscose in the backcloth. This means each yard of Brisa contains 8.3 recycled plastic bottles, making it an easy eco-friendly choice for your upholstery needs.


REPREVE® polyester is a branded fiber that uses recycled plastic bottles and post-industrial waste to create high-quality yarns that are as strong and durable as virgin polyester.

ECOVERO™ is a branded viscose-alternative fiber that uses sustainable wood inputs from certified and controlled sources that meet strict sustainability requirements.

Thoughtful Additions

We’ve freshened up the palette to create new color families and build upon its foundation. With a subtle nod to nature, the new shades radiate a sunny disposition to add something special to your next project. 

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