Sustainability Commitment

Since our founding over 20 years ago, a commitment to responsible community engagement and care for people and planet have always been core values.  Guided by our new strategy, we are committed to continuous progress against our sustainability goals, setting new, ever-more ambitious goals, and transparent reporting on our impacts. Our strategy focuses on three core areas where Ultrafabrics has both the greatest opportunity and responsibility to drive positive impact.  

We recognize that achieving true sustainability may require technical and material solutions that do not yet exist, and we authentically share our journey. As we gather data, initiate new research, and advance material innovation we will continually update this page.

  • Product Quality & Health
    Responsible manufacturing is part of our DNA, embedded within our proprietary, instilling the principles of craftsmanship and care to produce the highest quality, healthiest products for a lifetime of use. 
  • Material Innovation
    Through continuous innovation, we focus on creating materials suited for our future. We challenge ourselves to increase conservation of resources as we work towards more circular processes and design.
  • Transparency & Accountability
    Our goal is to promote the health and wellbeing of everyone across our value chain, communicated through transparent reporting and underpinned by strong and compassionate governance.  
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