Mottainai - Waste Not, Want Not

Ultrafabrics is committed to having a positive economic, social, and environmental impact in the communities in which we operate. Through continual engagement and strengthening of local community relationships we ensure our success and our communities’ success are one in the same.  This includes charitable contributions and our material donation program, Mottainai.

Inspired by the Japanese concept of finding the intrinsic value in unwanted materials, we proudly donate our materials diverting them from the landfill, extending their life cycle and supporting the creative vision of local artisans. Since 2018 we have donated over 30,000 yards to a variety of charitable organizations.

Above: Student from Saunders Trades Technical High School in Yonkers, NY showing off the tote bag she made from reused memo sampling. Ultrafabrics regularly donates to their fashion program, supporting their ongoing Sustainability Now project, in which students create original garments using more sustainable materials or repurposing materials or garments destined for the landfill. Not only did the students create wearable garments like jackets from finished goods, or tote bags using our sample squares, but also created custom bean bags.

Left: Bowtie created by Knotzland using Mottainai materials. Located in Pittsburg, PA, Knotzland works with communities and small businesses to promote circular economy principles and sustainability. The limited selection of bowties were featured at Pittsburgh's Concepts Art Gallery.
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