Our Plan
As we adapt and continue our journey towards a sustainable future, we focus on the 4 key areas listed below. On the horizon, we are constructing a new mill, where we will invest in new processes and equipment that prioritizes responsible water and energy consumption. Completion of the new facility is expected by 2025.

For greater detail on what we are doing, see our 2023 Sustainability Report.
  • Safer Chemistry

    Safer chemistry is critical for a circular and healthy future for the textiles industry. The use of harmful substances in manufacturing releases toxic chemicals into the air and water. Ultrafabrics is working on next-generation innovations to deliver safer materials for our producers and clients alike.

    We’ve set a new target to remove PFAS from all products by 2025. Our portfolio is currently 90% PFAS-free.
  • Renewable & Recycled Resources

    By 2025, all Ultrafabrics branded products sold to furniture, healthcare, recreational vehicle, marine, aviation, and accessories markets will have at least 50% rapidly renewable and/or recycled materials. This is five years ahead of our original goal!

    By 2030, our Uf Select portfolio and applicable transportation-grade materials will also have at least 50% rapidly renewable and/or recycled materials.

    Over 50% of our Ultrafabrics branded portfolio already contains these resources!

  • Waste Reduction & Diversion
    We commit to sending 3% or less of yardage produced annually to landfill. One of the ways we achieve this is through our Mottainai program. Inspired by the Japanese concept of finding the intrinsic value in unwanted materials, we proudly donate to schools and charitable organizations. Since 2018 we have extended the life cycle of over 30,000 yards through diversion.
  • Water Impact
    Recognizing that water is a finite resource, we are proud to have already achieved our 2025 target to reduce water consumption by 20%. We are committed to closely monitoring and optimizing our water use to maintain this reduction .
  • Energy Conservation & Climate Impact

    The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has approved our near-term science-based emissions reduction target to reduce Ultrafabrics’ Scope 1 and 2 emissions 42% from a 2021 baseline by 2030. We will achieve this target by increasing our use of solar panels and hydrogen boilers.

    Since 2019 we have proudly partnered with Treedom, planting 800 trees across 6 countries. Not only do these trees purify air and capture carbon, but they also contribute to the local biodiversity and economy.

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