We’re shaping the future of high-tech materials, where sustainability is built in. Beauty, performance, longevity, sustainability – there’s no need to compromise.
Future-focused Innovation
Sustainability Commitment
Committed to continuous progress against our sustainability goals, we share our journey in the spirit of authentic transparency and invite you to follow along.
Designing for Health
Design for Health™ is a digital studio for healthy interiors and the trusted source for healthy A&D product specification. Ultrafabrics is thrilled to announce our inclusion in the Design for Health™ by MindClick at the Achiever Level!
Promoting Safer Chemistry
Safer chemistry is vitally important to the future of the textiles industry. The use of harmful chemicals in manufacturing can cause safety and health concerns for both humans and the environment. We are proud to have eliminated PFOA and PFAS from most of our collections.
Moving Towards a Sustainable Future

       Continuing our journey to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals, we are proud to be the first and only polyurethane material to incorporate TENCEL™ Modal fibers as a backcloth. 

Man looking at tan fabric texture with a magnifying loupe.
3rd Party Certification 
& Initiatives
Our performance materials are designed with environmental health and human safety in mind.  Our product and process certifications will always reflect our commitment to strict international sustainability standards.  
Still life with green and blue colored ceramics in the foreground and dark green, light green, and dark blue draped fabric in the background.
Volar Bio — 

A first for Ultrafabrics, Volar Bio has a 29% biobased composition and is created with both functionality and sustainability in mind.

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