Ultrafabrics proudly provides our customers with sophisticated fabrics that offer a high performing and sustainable alternative to animal-based products.
Our innovative materials conserve resources and protect the wellbeing of people and the planet, while meeting the demands of comfort and durability.
Future-focused Innovation
Sustainability Commitment
Committed to continuous progress against our sustainability goals, we share our journey in the spirit of authentic transparency and invite you to follow along.
Conscious Consumerism
Looking over the past decade and witnessing the reaction to the prevalent effects of climate change, it goes without saying that consumer habits are changing, and rightly so. In response to this conscious consumer movement, brands are re-evaluating and redefining their values and ideals. Click here to download our report on this movement and how brands are responding.
The Next Frontier of Sustainability: Trends & Insights
The call to action on climate change has advanced over recent years. Companies must respond by developing and executing meaningful strategies. The Next Frontier of Sustainability delves into this topic by exploring consumer drivers, emerging trends,  and how companies, like Ultrafabrics, are responding.
Moving Towards a Sustainable Future

-        Continuing our journey to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals, we are proud to be the first and only polyurethane material to incorporate TENCEL™ Modal fibers as a backcloth. 

Man looking at tan fabric texture with a magnifying loupe.
3rd Party Certification 
& Initiatives
Our performance materials are designed with environmental health and human safety in mind.  Our product and process certifications will always reflect our commitment to strict international sustainability standards.  
Still life with green and blue colored ceramics in the foreground and dark green, light green, and dark blue draped fabric in the background.
Volar Bio — 

A first for Ultrafabrics, Volar Bio has a 29% biobased composition and is created with both functionality and sustainability in mind.

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